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Mission & Vision


To provide high quality education for producing talents to meet the industrial needs, to create knowledge for embracing the imaginary future and to help in deployment of emerging technology for the development of lifestyle in home and abroad.


To bring the Department into one of the tops of world ranking list and to produce global standard CSE human resources for addressing social need, industrial competency and career competitiveness in order to meet a sustainable Center of Excellence in the field of Information Technology.


To enhance reputation and bring the Department into a world standard one and in ranking list through innovating way and high-quality of teaching, meeting the compliances of excellent education, ensuring up-to-date curriculum, classrooms and laboratories, organizing continuous teaching enhancement training, workshops and conferences and producing high-quality and competent human resources, innovating knowledge for introduction of emerging technology in home and abroad and sharing them with the world-wide research communities as well as applying the emerging technologies in industries and lifestyle development.


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